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FF1 Field Trip to 3M Scott Fire & Safety and Milliken

Here at FF1, we're committed to selling the most innovative products and technology on the market. As a team of dedicated professionals with backgrounds and expertise in the first-responder industry, we're here to help you make the best decision for your needs. In March, our sales team took a trip 3M Scott Fire & Safety and Milliken to learn more about their products that have recently revolutionized the industry.

At the 3M Scott Fire & Safety production facility, we became experts on the RevolveAir Connect and the HushAir Connect. Our sales team sat in on a Scott University Compressor Tech class to understand all aspects of the compressor and fill station. And, we have to tell you, these two machines are simply incredible--with 7500 psi filling capabilities, a revolving fill station to cut fill time in half, and, a digital, user friendly display to monitor the filling process, any department would be lucky to have these.

We also had a round-table with Scott Safety developers to discuss other products like the Air-Pak X3 Pro and Protege gas monitors. Our immersive education day ended with a facility tour, where we were given a first-hand glimpse into Scott Safety’s production line and watched as raw material transform into specialized screws and pieces then into gas meters, air packs, face masks, and more.

At Millken, the innovators of Fire-Dex's TECGEN technology, we learned about their commitment to the textile industry and contribution to fire resistant materials. Our team explored Milliken's Innovation Gallery which was filled with thousands of products that Milliken was instrumental in developing for a variety of markets. We also had a presentation from Milliken and Fire-Dex on TECGEN 71, the lightest weight, thinnest, most flexible, highest THL composites ever in the fire service industry--an amazing 4lbs lighter than any other product in today’s market. Both Fire-Dex and Milliken are laser focused on combating the number one cause of line of duty deaths: sudden cardiac death.

For more information about these products,contact your FF1 Sales Rep. We’d love to tell you more about these and more!

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