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All-aluminum, huck-bolted body is designed for long-term durability and maximum storage capacity.

Incorporating the latest technology provides a lightweight body without sacrificing structural integrity. The design has been verified with stringent Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in which the body is stressed to the maximum chassis Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and off-road frame twisting to assure confidence in your apparatus.

Compact and Maneuverable

  • Field-repairable body
  • Large storage capacity
  • NFPA 1901 compliant
  • More compartment space for multipurpose response


  • All-aluminum using huck-bolting technology
  • Lightweight for increased payload capacity
  • Flex-mounting body mounting system to reduce body stress associated with extreme fire service operations
  • Certified finite element stress analysis; strain-gauge testing; and tilt-table testing
  • Sweep-out compartment floors
  • Roller shutter doors
  • Polished stainless steel fenderettes
  • Removable wheelwell liners
  • Stainless body corner guards – full height
  • Full body width rear step bumper – removable
  • Grab rails left and right rear – 36”L with chrome stanchions
  • Extruded aluminum C-channel body rubrails with molded PVC end caps and inset reflective striping
  • (2) Rear steel tow-eye plates
  • Adjustable shelf hardware in each side compartment
  • Chevron striping on rear body and cab doors


  • L-1 & R-1 – forward of rear wheels
  • 12-ft body: 55.50”W x 58.25”H
  • S-2 & R-2 – over rear wheels: 45.50”W x 34.00”H
  • S-3 & R-3 – aft of rear wheels: 38.00”W x 58.25”H
  • B-1 – Rear: 50.00”W x 43.50”H
  • Roof Top Storage: 10” high sidewalls – open at rear extending full depth of roof


  • Ford F550 Cab/Chassis – two-door 4x2
  • 19,500 lb. GVWR
  • 7L PowerStroke diesel; 330 hp; 750 ft/lb torque
  • Chrome bumper; power windows, door locks; Individual high-back driver and officer seats
  • Full length cab steps beneath doors


  • V-MUX multiplexed system
  • Center console
  • Dual Alternators – total 357-amp; Battery conditioner; 20-amp
  • Auto-Eject shorepower
  • Quad stack LED taillights with 6”x4” stop/tail, amber arrow, backup and Lower Zone C warning in chrome housing
  • Backup camera and backup alarm
  • Rear scene/work lights – (2) Ground lights – LED under cab doors and rear bumper
  • Warning package: (1) lightbar; (2) in grille; (2) on fenders; (1) recessed in rub rails front and rear of body; rear of (2) upper side body; (2) upper rear body; siren and 100-watt speaker
  • Pre-wiring for additional scene/flood lights and warning lights

To purchase, please contact us at Ferrara@FF1.com.

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