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Wildwood Crest EMS

Type III Ambulance

Ford E-450 Type III
McCoy Miller Medic - 170" x 98" x 72"
CN-10 Compliant
All Aluminum Body - 12" On Center
All Aluminum Interior Construction
Whelen M-Series LED Lighting Package
ZICO Oxygen Tank Lift
Ducted HVAC System
Anti-Microbial Handrails
LED Interior Lighting
Re-Stocking / Inventory Style Cabinets
Per4Max Restraint System - CN-8 Compliant  E
EVS Child Safety Seat
Safety Net at Squad Bench
Custom Graphics
Stryker Performance Load Cot Mount with Inductive Charging
Recessed Pull-Out Drawer for Sharps and Waste Disposal
Cabinet Above Squad Bench


 Click here to download the PDF version of this spec.


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