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Road Rescue Medium-Duty Ambulances


These medium-duty ambulances have layers of rock-solid engineering that revolutionize the way crews tackle special situations. Built on an ambulance truck chassis that includes a number of powerful Ford, Chevy, Freightliner and Navistar configurations, these Road Rescue vehicles are customizable to unique specifications that deliver a lifetime of street tough performance.

  • Road Rescue ambulances are built with CNC Plasma & Laser Cutters, VHB tape and robotic welding for repeatable results, rock-solid precision and quicker lead times.
  • REV Group’s support and advanced engineering practices back each unit, starting with construction in an ISO 9001:2015 certified factory.
  • Each Road Rescue comes equipped with top-of-the-line features inside the patient area, like anti-microbial cabinetry interiors, all wrapped in a safety-focused structure.



For Road Rescue's Medium-Duty lineup, each unit needs a chassis as unique as each build and custom to the occasion it’s called for. Crews can have their choice of a Ford E/F-series, Chevy C/G-series, Freightliner M2 or Navistar ambulance chassis.

  • Freightliner 72
  • Navistar 72
  • Chevy G4500
  • Ford E-450 72
  • Ford F-450


Model Length Width Headroom Int. Storage Ext. Storage
Medium-Duty 157" 96" 72" 190.77 cu. ft. 76.63 cu. ft.



Road Rescue’s Medium-Duty ambulances are set to revolutionize the way rescues are handled. By including numerous top-of-the-line amenities, from restockable cabinets to the V-MUX multiplex electrical system, the rescue will never look the same again.




As specialized as these vehicles already are, these units really shine when you appreciate the features found inside and out, like the hidden hinges that create a top-of-the-line appearance or TriMark handles that provide easy access even when wearing gloves.




Road Rescue knows that crews need to be prepared and ready to go in a pinch. That’s why each unit comes standard with restocking cabinets. Thanks to two gas-assist shocks, the cabinet doors remain open for clear access while restocking much-needed supplies.




An ambulance should be as versatile as the crew riding within it. Both a Weldon V-MUX electrical system and relocatable device rail are found inside the units, each one capable of user customization when it comes to adding or removing electronics and medical equipment.



When it comes to Road Rescue emergency vehicles, a long list of high-end features are the standard. Equipped with industry-best features and built using high-quality materials and construction techniques, these ambulances are street tough — inside and out.


  • Adhesive: VHB tape is used to attach extrusions to the skin
  • Body: One-piece .125" aluminum pan formed wall panels
  • Body: Underbody expanding spray foam insulation
  • Construction: 3/4" plug welds and robotic welding
  • Construction: CNC plasma laser cutting
  • Roof: Perimeter framed with a radius extrusion and triple-wall webbing
  • Sides and corners: Formed extrusions folded over at the sides and welded together
  • Sill plates: 1"x3" solid aluminum secured to chassis frame rails



  • Attendant seat: 3-point seatbelt or 6-point safety harness
  • Cabinets and floor: Composite interior, resists fluid-borne pathogens
  • Device rail: Relocatable, full-length device in ceiling
  • Patient area: Spacious aluminum interior
  • Squad bench: 16" A-bar with anti-microbial coating
  • Subfloor: Ladder frame
  • Upholstery: Seamless



  • Cabinets: Multi-spec painted
  • Countertops: Scratch-resistant Avonite
  • Restocking cabinets: Two gas-assist shocks hold the door in place
  • Shelving: Interior and exterior cabinets come adjustable



  • Door frames: Extruded, reinforced stainless-steel door panels on entry doors
  • Handles: TriMark handles with anti-slip material on backside of paddle
  • Grab rails: L-bar grab handles on side and rear entrance doors
  • Hinges: Exclusive hidden hinge design protects from environmental conditions
  • Hinges: 3M polyurethane tape added to both sides of the hinge to prevent electrolysis


Electrical systems

  • Attendant lights: Surface-mounted LED edge lit
  • Circuit board: 12-volt
  • Dome light: Momentary switch illuminates for 15 minutes
  • Interior lights: White LED light strip in ceiling medical device rail with brake and turn at the rear 12"
  • Inverter: Pre-wired for inverter
  • Lights: Shadow-less, highest lumen count in the industry
  • Shoreline: 115-volt AC, 15-amp inlet with mating plug and GFI protection
  • System: Weldon V-MUX multiplex electrical system with touch screen display and joystick controller


Emergency alerts

  • Brake and turn signal lights: Rear ceiling medical device rail, LED red and amber
  • Grille lights: Two Whelen micron super LED
  • Intersection lights: Located on front fender
  • Rear-view camera: OEM with monitor
  • Siren: Whelen WS-295SLSA1
  • Speakers: Two 100-watt driver



Road Rescue’s lineup of features turn these safe and durable ambulances into road warriors capable of tackling one emergency after the next. With options in lighting, included medical equipment and even the paint choice, you can create one exceptional tool for your crew.



  • Weldon V-Mux Multiplex Electrical System (Standard)
    • Increased reliability and minimum downtime
    • Simplify trouble shooting and repairs
    • Field re-programmable
    • Touch screen display
    • Joy stick controller with quick keys
  • Analog Electrical System with Printed Circuit Boards (Optional)
    • Automotive circuit breakers/relays
    • LED diagnostics indicators
    • Carling switches
    • Amps/volts with bar graph display
    • Carbon fiber laminate



  • Whisper Quiet package adds a layer of sound deadening material to absorb vibration



  • Combination medical air / 02
  • Dual 02 bottles
  • Glove butler storage and hydraulic Isolette lifts
  • Locking door for sharps, accessible from the interior
  • Multiple Isolette and cot placements
  • Shelf and .250" aluminum plating for mounting tools
  • Slideout trays and tool boards
  • Transverse back board storage
  • Zico ‘OTS’ electric bottle lift



  • Additional weather and sound packages available to upgrade the vehicle
  • Automotive undercoating, protects the undercarriage from harmful elements
  • Cast aluminum rear bumper
  • Optional flashing rub rail lights, marker lights and 3" C-channel with lights
  • Paint warranty: 0-36 months/100%, 37-48 months/50% and 49-60 months/25%
  • Rubber rub rail and fender ring
  • Stainless-steel wheel simulators




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