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Wheeled Coach Medium-Duty Ambulances


Nothing says, “getting the job done, no matter what” quite like our Medium-duty ambulances. Whether it’s fire service, EMS, specialized medical care or otherwise, these units are built to serve your specific needs. Plus, they all come on a Medium-duty chassis for superior performance and flexibility. Need more room, more options, or more of both? Our Medium-duty ambulances, often referred to as Medical Attack Vehicles due to their effectiveness in the field, will ensure you have exactly what you need in the field.


Model Specifications 


Chassis Model Length Width
MD4500/5500 9170 170" 95"


Chassis Model Length Width
F650 9170 170" 95"


Chassis Model Length Width Headroom
FREIGHTLINER 9170 170" 95"



Chassis Model Length Width Headroom
INTERNATIONAL 9170 170" 95" 72"


We understand every department has its own unique requirements and needs when it comes to their emergency vehicles. That’s why we build flexibility and superior performance into every ambulance we manufacture. Wheeled Coach delivers the standards and options that first responders depend on most.


  • AntiCor™ Protection System
  • ToughCoat™ Paint Process
  • TrueForm™ Wall Construction
  • Safeguard Box Frame™
  • 20-year structural body warranty
  • Diamond-plate flip-up rear step with Gator Grip® surface
  • Rear fender flares
  • Running boards with Gator Grip® surface
  • Full floating automotive-style compartment door handles
  • Full modular body built in-house
  • Large handicap-style grab handles on side and rear doors with powder-coated safety yellow coating
  • Lonplate® II raised diamond-plate vinyl flooring
  • Rear high-back captain’s chair with 3-point harness
  • Rear high-back captain’s chair attendant seat with three-point harness
  • Reflective rub rails with multiple color choices
  • SafePASS™ emergency egress lock releases on side and rear patient compartment doors
  • SafePASS™ automotive-style door handles
  • Seamless upholstery
  • Single-sheet seamless construction, no exposed door jambs
  • Stainless-steel curbside and rear door panels with reflective safety chevrons
  • Stainless-steel wheel covers
  • All-aluminum modular body
  • Flip-up rear step bumper with Gator Grip® surface
  • Handicap-style safety yellow grab handles on side and rear doors


  • (3) Lights in patient compartment
  • (7) Weldon 8046 Halogen dome lights
  • (7) Weldon 8046 patient compartment dome lights
  • 20-amp shoreline inlet with auto eject
  • Limited lifetime electrical warranty
  • Patient compartment check out lights with 15-minute timer
  • Hinged center wire trough for ease of maintenance
  • In house built wiring harness
  • Traditional Printed Circuit Board or VMUX Multiplex electrical systems available


The only option we don't offer is compromise. Wheeled Coach is one of the leading ambulance brands in the world because we are customer-driven. By listening to customer needs, we develop mission-critical features that many of the largest fire and emergency departments in the country depend on in their live-saving work. Whether we're building a 200 unit order for the U.S. Government or a single unit order that looks as good as it performs, every Wheeled Coach ambulance is built tough to meet each customer's requirements. So, no matter what you need in your next ambulance, know that Wheeled Coach is listening



Our proprietary Corner Cap Lighting System provides 360-degree lighting coverage from both the ground and air. In addition to helping helicopters see the ambulance from the sky, the system protects the DOT marker lights and provides stress relief to minimize damage in the event of an accident.



This patented external condenser mounted on the front of the body for easy access boasts 30% greater condensing capability, 30% greater BTU capacity, and 50% greater air flow. It also enables multiple warning light options for maximum visibility and flexibility.



DuraSeam Door Construction eliminates extrusions typically found on ambulances by incorporating the door jamb into the one-piece, seamless side skin. By eliminating seams, we also reduce crevice corrosion, enhancing the paint finish on the vehicle. This system also adds to the structural integrity and strength of the box, which leads to increased safety for all passengers.


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