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REVOLVEAIR CONNECT Air Compressor Charge Station

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The innovative RevolveAir Connect builds on the proven track record of the RevolveAir as one of the fastest fill stations in the market, simultaneously charging 2 cylinders within the protective chamber while two BAC’s are exchanged on the outside of the chamber.  The new unit now incorporates innovative RFID technology into the design, allowing the fill station to automatically adjust to match the cylinder pressure being filled.  In addition, the new technology controls access via RFID and keypad, and also logs all details consistent with NFPA 1898 logging requirements.

  • Integrated 7500psi ASME storage cylinders available in 2, 3 or 4 configuration
  • Integrated touch-screen user control
  • Automatic RFID cylinder sensing technology
     -Ability to read date of last hydro, cylinder duration, and pressure; automatically adjusting compressor settings to match cylinder
    - Records date of fill, user and final fill pressure
  • Meets NFPA 1901 standards
  • Total containment up to dual 75-minute 5500psi cylinders
  • Modular design for ease of service and decreased cost of ownership
  • Pneumatic modular Smart Fill automatic cascade system comes standard
Pressure Options RFID  P/N
Dual-Pressure RFID 8004442
Dual-Pressure Non-RFID 8004891
Multi-Pressure RFID 8004440
Multi-Pressure Non-RFID 8004894

Storage Options P/N
4 Bank ASME Storage 8004260
3 Bank ASME Storage 8004886
2 Bank ASME Storage 8004888