Quic-Draft Floating Strainer

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Floating strainers help draft water from virtually any source, deep or shallow, insuring you get a sufficient volume of water at draft from pools, ponds, portable tanks, and more.

The box strainer, more efficient than a barrel strainer, can be easily detached from the float to be used alone, for storage purposes, or to leave it attached to the hard sleeve. The float has a large carrying handle for easy transport and the box strainer may be locked in place to prevent banging against the carrier’s legs. The foam-filled polyethylene float is puncture-resistant for years of service, and bright yellow to locate in darker conditions.

Configurations Available:

5″ NST female: Model FDS-500-NST

6″ NST female: Model FDS-600-NST

5″ Storz: Model FDS-500-S

6″ Storz: Model FDS-600-S

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