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V320 Thermal Imaging Camera with Two Batteries, Lanyard, & Desktop Charger

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V320 25Hz Fahrenheit - KIT

*Kit includes: Camera, two batteries, desktop charger & retractable lanyard. 3-year warranty on the camera and batteries.

The V320 has a high-resolution 320×240 sensor that allows firefighters to navigate through zero visibility conditions. Lightweight at 2.2 pounds and ruggedly durable, the V320 performs in extreme high temperature environments with minimal maintenance. Additionally, the new V320 has a removable, rechargeable battery that offers up to eight hours of service.

  • 320x240 High Resolution Sensor
    Provides clear images enabling firefighters to navigate through limited-visibility conditions.
  • Extended Battery Life
    Up to Eight-hour runtime with a removable rechargeable battery.
  • Single Button
    Single button ON/OFF provides easy deployment. No menus required.
  • 3.5” High-Contrast Display
    Ensures the image on the display can be seen in multiple light conditions.
  • Fast Startup Time
    Ready for use within five seconds of activating the power button– without the use of a standby mode!
  • Lightweight, Durable Design
    Designed to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Ergonomics
    Ergonomically designed and balanced for comfort with a gloved hand.

Scott Safety V320 Thermal Imaging Camera

Scott Safety V320 Thermal Imaging Camera LCD User Interface