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970 H2 Series Rotary Rescue Saw

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New H2 Series

  • Full Wrap Handle
  • Skid Plate Base
  • K&N Air Filters

This rotary rescue saw using new X TORQ® technology utilizes Dual Intakes that splits the airflow into one fresh-air stream and one clean-air stream for the fuel-air mixture. The fresh-air intake forms a barrier that delays the fresh fuel mix from entering the engine while assisting in exhausting the burned gases. Then the fuel-air mixture enters the engine, resulting in more power, higher torque, 75% less emissions and 20% more fuel economy than conventional 2-stroke engines.

Engine Type

  • 2-stroke, air-cooled

Additional Features Include:

  • Choke
  • Active Air Filtration™with K&N Filter
  • Integrated Scrench Tool Holder with Water Control Valve
  • Water Kit Dust Handling System
  • Adjustable Blade Guard
  • Compression Release for Trouble-Free Ease of Starting
  • “D” Starter Handle with Reflective Label and Extra-Large Opening for Gloves
  • Momentary Contact On/Off Switch
  • Reflective Labels 
  • Covered Belt Guard Protects Drive Belt from Debris
  • Belt Tension Indicator
  • Fuel Level Indicator
  • Full-Wrap Handles
Displacement 5.7 in3 (94 cc)
Maximum Blade Speed 5400 RPM
Power 6.4 HP (4.8 kW)
Power/Weight Ratio .26 HP/.25 lbs (.44 kW/.41kg)
Weight w/out Fuel & Cutting Equipment 26.45 lbs (12 kg)
Sound Power Level Lwa, dB(A) 114
Sound Pressure Level 116 dB(A)
Level Vibrations (m/s2) 4.3/3.9
Rear Handle Equivalent 4.7/4.4