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Fire Tuff Saw

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This saw is made to tackle any chain saw operation. 
* Exceptional forestry application. 
* New X-TORQ engine proivides high torque over a very wide RPM range. 
* Low exhaust emission levels, in accordance with EPA #2. 
* Durable and robust saw body, cast three piece crank shaft and reinforced crancase. 
* Ergonomically improved handles reduce fatigue. 
* Air injection makes the saw run stronger and longer. 
* Smart-Start and purge pump provides east starting. 
* This saw is make for multiple rough ON and OFF operations. 
* Weighs a perfect 12 lbs. of weight distribution.


******Comes with reflective shoulder strap, wrench holder, and large "D" handle for ease of pull starting

From the people that make the PARTNER K-12 Rescue Saw.


The FIRE TUFF comes with these additions...
* A powerful 3.5 horsepower engine
* Bar and Chain Included - 18-inch bar with chain to handle any operations
* Reflective saw shoulder carrying sling
* Wrench holder attached to handle for on the scene adjustments
* Large D-handle for glove friendly pull starts
* Saw scabbard for safety, chain protect on and attachment of our reflective shoulder strap