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Ferrara Fire Apparatus Aerial Platform Safety

72 Degree Climbing Angle

Ferrara aerials all top out at a 72-degree climbing angle, making it safe and easy to climb or descend. Compared to our competitors who use up to an 80-degree climbing angle and see how much easier and safer it is to climb a Ferrara aerial platform or ladder. Our ladders and platforms all have wide, easy to climb aerial sections.  

The electrical wiring is run through the base cord to keep the climbing sections clear.  Pulleys are always sheaved to prevent gear from being caught when cables are moving.  Handrail heights exceed NFPA requirements and are at a natural, comfortable height for climbing. 

 Ferrara 72 Degree Climbing Angle

Platform Speed Control

We make it easy for the platform operator to maneuver the ladder close to a building or structure.  Ferrara’s Platform Speed Control has shift-on-the-fly capability, meaning you can control the hydraulic operating speed with the flip of a switch, from fast to medium to slow.  

Shift to slow and effortlessly feather the controls to get up next to a building and make a rescue.  Then, shift to fast and quickly and safely bring your patient to the ground.

Ferrara Platform Speed Control

EZ Level Outrigger Assist

Make setting up the outriggers on uneven terrain a snap with EZ Level.  A one-button system, it levels the outriggers to the safest point.  There is also an in-cab indicator that alerts the driver whether the aerial can be set up with full capacity before he or she exits the cab.  This saves valuable time on the fire ground should the truck need to be repositioned.

Ferrara EZ Level Outrigger Assist

Constant Level Platform

Ferrara’s platforms are always level to the earth.  Unlike other manufacturers who level every 5 degrees or level to the fire apparatus, Ferrara’s level-to-earth system uses a reliable gyro located on the platform to keep it level to earth and the floor stable underneath the firefighters.

Ferrara Constant Level Platform

Safety Interlocks

Our aerial ladders and platforms are all designed with a substantial number of safety interlocks.  Ladders have a system to prevent accidental retraction of the ladder when someone is at the tip.  All aerials have cab and body collision interlocks to prevent the aerial from coming into contact with the apparatus structure.  

Also, each model has rotation interlock to allow the operator and another firefighter to short jack the aerial, should the fire ground require.  The aerial cannot be rotated out of the cradle until it has sufficiently cleared the vehicle. The aerial ladder positional waterway cannot be activated when the ladder is not fully retracted.

Ferrara Safety Interlocks

Blue LED Rung Illumination

One of the most important safety features on Ferrara aerials is our LED blue light rung illumination.  Flooding the area around with soft, blue light, the climbing area is fully illuminated for maximum safety.  Because the light is blue, you will not have any adjustment period for your eyes.  Why settle for iridescent paint?

Ferrara Blue LED Rung Illumination
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