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Ferrara Fire Apparatus Built Strong as a Tank

Ferrara Fire Apparatus Built Strong as a Tank

We Build Tough Trucks For Tough Situations

You battle fire and other emergency responses on a daily basis. In your arsenal of weapons you need the toughest and most rugged firefighting vehicle available . . . a Ferrara Fire Apparatus custom emergency vehicle. Our cab and body, built from extruded aluminum frame and 3/16” thick marine grade aluminum plate, are always heavy duty; the strongest, and most durable in the industry and considered by many to be STRONG AS A TANK! Ferrara continues to Lead the Way by engineering, designing, and building heavy duty, custom fire apparatus.

Our cab and body are both constructed from 3/16” thick, corrosion resistant 5052 H32 marine grade aluminum. In an independent third party study, Ferrara cabs and bodies proved to be stronger in overall tensile/load limit, endurance limit, and RBM (Resisting Bending Moments). All cab and body extrusions are certified 6061 T6 structural aluminum.

Ferrara’s Inferno and Igniter cabs feature an extruded aluminum roll cage framework and all extruded aluminum sub-frame. The cab’s double wall face, roof, floor, engine tunnel, and walls are built with 3/16” thick marine grade aluminum, welded to this heavy duty extruded structure.

Ferrara’s re body features massive body corner extrusions, twin I-beam subframe with heavy duty gussets and extruded compartment and hose bed framework. This innovative design offers an unprecedented blend of durability and function.

The evidence is in. Clearly, Ferrara uses the strongest cab and body material available. Clearly, Ferrara builds the strongest cab and body on the market. Clearly, Ferrara Fire Apparatus are built STRONG AS A TANK!

The Strength Is In The Numbers

Ferrara Fire Apparatus Strength in the Numbers

* Figures used were provided and verified by an independent source on 10 April, 2010. Each chart describes the physical properties of the body construction materials used, as published in recently obtained specifications and literature from each manufacturer. As a result, the information is accurate wherever these materials are utilized.