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Ferrara Fire Apparatus Safety

Focusing on firefighter crews’ safety is our core objective in building the strongest apparatus in the industry. This is evident in the design, materials used and service records of the nearly 6,000 Ferrara trucks that are in service today. 

Ferrara’s custom cabs and bodies are built from an extruded aluminum frame and 3/16” thick marine grade aluminum plate; the strongest and most durable in the industry and considered by many to be STRONG AS A TANK!

In an independent third party study, Ferrara cabs and bodies proved to be stronger than the competition in overall tensile/load limit, endurance limit and RBM (Resisting Bending Moments). All of our cab and body extrusions are certified 6061 T6 structural aluminum.

ECE - R29 Crash Test

Front Impact Test

Simulating the impact of a head-on collision, the next test subjected the front of the apparatus cab to forces in excess of 127% of that in the ECE-R29 Standard. A 3,736 lb. pendulum fell from a height of over 15 feet impacting the front of the cab at a velocity equivalent to 18.2 miles per hour. To pass, the cab must not crush beyond the point where the crew survival space is compromised. The cab also must remain attached to the frame.

Demonstrating our commitment to excellence, the Ferrara Inferno™ and Igniter™ cab not only remained intact and on the chassis, but all doors remained closed during the impact and opened as normal afterward.

There was no passenger compartment intrusion nor a single failure in any structural component in the cab.

Load Test

Following the frontal impact test, the testing returned to roof strength integrity for a second and third time on the same cab. This cab had twice previously been impacted: first by the initial roof strength testing then by the frontal impact test. The Ferrara Inferno™ and Igniter™ cab were loaded for the second test to 54,300 pounds. and then a third time to 33 metric tons (65,979 lbs which are 300% of the vertical load criteria). To our knowledge, this test is 17% more than any other fire apparatus manufacturer has ever attempted to place on the roof of their cab.

Our cab roof successfully supported 33 metric tons, more than three times the required amount as dictated by ECE-R29 Standard. There was no failure of the cab structure or mountings, no passenger compartment intrusion or degradation of occupant survival space, or any other structural failure and the doors still opened. 

To complete the testing, Ferrara successfully placed all 65,979 pounds on the apparatus body (which is not required in the ECE-R29 Standard). Placing the weight on the body further demonstrates that our entire apparatus can withstand such a load and is something that no other fire apparatus manufacturer has ever attempted. So why did we stop there? We simply ran out of weight.

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