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McCoy Miller Type III Ambulance Construction

McCoy Miller Type III Ambulance Construction

The most popular models from McCoy Miller’s extensive lineup, each Type III modular ambulance is based on a van cutaway chassis, making the cab an integral part of the ambulance. Available on a Chevy or Ford ambulance chassis, these emergency vehicles employ four size configurations for the ultimate choice when it comes to response times.

  • 66" to 72" of headroom make the interior of these ambulances a place to provide superior care and attention to patients.
  • While competitors use .090 side skins, McCoy Miller believes thicker is an overall better choice, using a .125" exterior sheet to provide extra safety that’s also more durable.
  • Built in an ISO certified factory, these ambulances benefit from more than four decades of knowledge, as well as REV Group’s expansive support and engineering expertise.


Looking for either a Ford ambulance or Chevy cutaway chassis? This Type III ambulance can handle the one you prefer, providing more than 11,500-lbs of gross vehicle weight rating on a 138-, 139- or 158” wheelbase, depending on your crew’s demands.

McCoy Miller Type III Chevy 3170C


McCoy Miller Type III CHEVY G3500 3142C Ambulance

CHEVY G3500 3142C

McCoy Miller Type III CHEVY G3500 3146C Ambulance

CHEVY G3500 3146C

McCoy Miller Ambulance Type III CHEVY G3500 3170C Ambulance

CHEVY G3500 3170C

McCoy Miller Type III E-350 FORD 3142F Ambulance

E-350 FORD 3142F

McCoy Miller Type III E-350 FORD 3146F Ambulance

E-350 FORD 3146F

McCoy Miller Type III E-350 FORD 3163F Ambulance

E-350 FORD 3163F

McCoy Miller Type III E-450 FORD 3170F Ambulance

E-450 FORD 3170F

McCoy Miller Type III SPRINTER Ambulance



Working in the action area is just as important as being behind the wheel. That’s why these Type III ambulances make the cab an integral part of the unit. Providing not only a powerful chassis to drive upon, these ambulances make for the perfect cutaway fit in any department.


McCoy Miller Type III Ambulance Construction


McCoy Miller offers a variety of interior heights to meet your needs. Garage space tight? Choose our modular design with 66” of interior height. Want more space for your crew to function? Choose a unit that offers 72” of interior height for spacious patient care.

McCoy Miller Type III Ambulance Construction


Emergency vehicles should be prepared to replace components and equipment as quickly as they are needed, leaving no crew without a working unit. Thanks to the CNC cutting precision, replacing parts is easier than ever in a McCoy Miller ambulance.

McCoy Miller Type III Ambulance Construction


Adding additional electronic components shouldn’t be a hassle when the objective is to provide life-saving services. Every McCoy Miller ambulance provides an Excel electrical system that involves less wiring, a plug-and-play interface, and a simple-to-understand printed circuit board.

Each McCoy Miller Type III ambulance comes with a large assortment of standard features to ensure your crew can reach each scene without worry, as well as accomplish the job-at-hand with the tools and inclusions they need most built right into the unit.




  • Body: All-aluminum construction with one-piece .125" body side skins
  • Roof: Crown rolled to inhibit water pooling
  • Framework: Fully welded tubular structure
  • Flooring: LonPlate II with 3" rolled up sidewall and recessed
  • Rear bumper: Steel frame with ADP covering and flip-up center to facilitate loading

Cabinets & Compartments

  • O2 storage: Street-side front compartment
  • ALS cabinet: Storage for two 747 kits, mon./defib., medical cabinet, located at front bulkhead (142/146)
  • ALS Cabinet: Two large cabinets with 3/8" hinged Plexiglas doors (163/170)
  • Five exterior storage compartments (142/146)
  • Seven exterior storage compartments (163/170)
  • Full 3/4" marine-grade wood cabinetry with optional composite or aluminum covers
  • Completely seamless upholstery


  • Door jam switches: Magnetic
  • Door liners: 14GA stainless-steel, attached with 10-24 stainless-steel screws into automotive clips
  • Heavy-duty extruded door frames: .125" pan-formed skin
  • Heavy-duty extruded door jams: Seamless
  • Improved design: Reduced welding to enhance the overall appearance
  • Integrated door seal: Reduces wear on the seal and eliminates outer contamination
  • Latches: TriMark paddle style



Electrical systems

  • Circuit board: Printed
  • Dome lights: Eight dual elements, two rows of four each, switched separately (163/170)
  • Dome lights: Dual element, switched separately (142/146)
  • Door open circuits: Magnetic/LED diagnostic circuit
  • High current switches: Marine-grade, replaceable, milliamp circuit
  • Inverter: Pre-wired for inverter
  • System: Excel electrical system and ECX electronic master switch with timer
  • Timing devices: LED clock in the rear control panel

Emergency alerts

  • Back-Up alarm: 97 Db with momentary cutoff
  • Grille lights: Two Whelen LED
  • Intersection lights: Two Whelen super LED
  • Load lights: Two Whelen 900 series
  • Marker lights: ICC LED
  • Scene lights: Four Whelen 900 series
  • Siren: Whelen 295SLSA1
  • Speakers: Two 100-watt speakers
  • Spotlight: One 400,000CP handheld light with momentary switch hard-wired to OEM dash
  • Warning lights: Whelen 900 series





  • AC/heat system: 650 CFM blower, 36,000-BTU heat, 32,000-BTU cool
  • Insulation: R-11 fiberglass bats
  • Vent power: Marine-style with 3-speed fan



Medical Support

  • O2 tanks: O2 Zico QRMV rack for “M” or “H” tanks
  • Aspirator: Rico RS4X disposable
  • Hazardous waste/sharps disposal: Stainless-steel A bar at the head of the squad bench
  • IV holders: Two dual-cast, swing-down rubber holders with Velcro retaining straps
  • CPR seat in street-side cabinets



McCoy Miller ambulances give you options when building your new fleet. The versatility of building on the modular body and configuring the rest of the unit for unique specifications allows for upgrades to the heating and cooling, as well as aftermarket additions to the electrical panel.


The Excel electrical system allows for quick additions of numerous features throughout the ambulance. Printed circuit boards allow users to simply plug and play various components using a switch panel that involves minimal wiring and is easy to understand. This means aftermarket add-ons are easier than ever to implement.


McCoy Miller’s standard is fiberglass insulation with an R-11 value, but users can upgrade to an optional spray foam that can be incorporated underneath the surfaces. Reflective materials are used to help neutralize hot and cold external elements.


Providing EMT’s with superior convenience, the action area at the back of the ambulance comes with a digital clock. The digital clock is integrated into the electrical switch panel, providing EMT’s with a means to check pulses without having to rely on an analog clock.


Each McCoy Miller ambulance comes with TriMark handles that are able to accommodate gloved hands, which comes in handy when you’re in a hurry, like a firefighter that needs to get into the unit and back out to the scene.

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