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Tilt Table Testing

Ferrara Fire Apparatus Tilt Table Testing

Tilt Table Testing

When the 2009 edition of the NFPA 1901 Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus was released, the issue of apparatus rollover protection was addressed.  To meet this requirement, Ferrara offers Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and on-site tilt table testing.  Many driver/operators have a strong preference for tilt table testing, wanting to avoid the throttle limitations associated with ESC.  

Knowing that stability testing was coming with the new 1901 standard, Ferrara Fire Apparatus made the investment in a test facility at our factory, compliant with SAE 2180, “A Tilt Table Procedure for Measuring the Static Rollover Threshold for Heavy Trucks.” 

We tilt fire apparatus to 26.5 degrees, as required by NFPA 1901,  The table will actually tilt past 34 degrees, allowing us to test all types of vehicles. With a test pad over 50 feet in length, it will accommodate most any apparatus we build. 

Certainly, ESC has its place with some apparatus and is a valuable safety feature.  However, when ESC is not a good fit for your new apparatus, contact your local Ferrara representative to learn more about our tilt table facility.

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