TNT Rescue Service

There is not any other piece of equipment in the first responder field subjected to more severe treatment than your hydraulic rescue tools. With the new challenges and risk presented to you the rescuer by safety features in today’s automobiles, including new high-strength steel alloys, composite materials, Airbag cylinder placement and frame construction.  We understand and know you demand your tools to work every single time.

As TNT Rescue’s authorized Service Center for New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, FF1 has invested in extensive training for our service team and specialized testing and repair equipment to ensure your system(s) continue to operate at peak efficiency and rescue ready for your next emergency. TNT Rescue’s unmatched Lifetime Warranty ensures low cost of ownership and trust in your tools

TNT Rescue Service Annual Preventative Maintenance 

To take advantage of the TRUE lifetime warranty TNT Rescue recommends annual inspection, testing and preventative maintenance of all rescue equipment.  This program is conducted at your station to reduce downtime.  This annual comprehensive service offers a complete and thorough inspection of your TNT

Rescue system ensuring it meets TNT’s specifications for performance, pressures, and forces.  By servicing and inspecting your system, the chances of a system or tool failure are greatly reduced giving you peace of mind.  Our comprehensive preventative maintenance program includes inspection, functional testing, repair, replacement of blades (if necessary) loaners, service maintenance record keeping.  Contact us today for your TNT Rescue service.

Services Performed Hydraulic Power Unit:

  • Clean and inspect for wear and damage
  • Inspect hydraulic hoses for cuts and/or abrasions.
  • Clean and check quick disconnects for proper operation.
  • Check line pressure and adjust the pressure relief valve, if needed.
  • Refill reservoir with clean mineral base hydraulic fluid.
  • Change engine oil according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Clean and service air cleaner.
  • Inspect and clean spark plug.
  • Start engine and adjust the carburetor, if necessary.
  • Perform line pressure test on side A and side B.


  • Clean and inspect for excessive wear or damage.
  • Remove arms, clean and inspect pivot area, rack, and gear assembly.
  • Remove rack shield and straighten, if needed.
  • Lubricate rack, spreader arm gear, and pivot pins.
  • Clean and inspect fittings, hoses and quick disconnects.
  • Check line hydraulic pressure.


  • Clean and inspect for excessive wear or damage.
  • Remove, clean and inspect center bolt, blades, knuckle housing, friction plates, and cutter housing.
  • Check friction plate roll pins for proper clearance and adjust, if needed.
  • Clean and inspect fittings, hoses, and quick disconnects.
  • Check line hydraulic pressure.


  • Clean and inspect for wear or damage.
  • Inspect ram shaft for burrs or rust.
  • Inspect ram head threads.
  • Inspect top and bottom cap for leaks.
  • Inspect top cap wiper seal for excessive leakage.
  • Inspect and clean fittings, hoses and quick disconnects.
  • Check line hydraulic pressure.
  • Hydraulic Extension Hoses and/or Hydraulic Reels: Clean and inspect for cuts and abrasions.
  • Pressure test