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1/2 in (12.5mm) HTP Static Rope

1/2 in (12.5mm) HTP Static Rope

SKU: SRC-P130000001



12.5 mm Static Rope

Core/Sheath: Polyester/Polyester

This super-durable, low-stretch rope features a unique sheath construction that inhibits picking and stays firm for effective handling despite the load. Its strength and durability make it a great choice for specialized rigging, speed lines and hauling applications.

Available Lengths: 150', 165', 200', 300', 600', 660' | 46, 50, 61, 92, 183, 200 m

NFPA 1983: General


Diameter (mm) Elongation at 300 lb (%)
12.5 0.9
Weight (lb/100') Elongation at 10% MBS (%)
8 7
MBS Rating (lb) ABS Rating (lb)
9,081 10,031
MBS Rating (kN) SWL
40.4 908
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