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1000W Honda Generator

1000W Honda Generator

SKU: TL-EU-1000T1A


This super quiet generator is extremely portable (at only 29 lbs.) as well as fuel efficient, running up to 8.3 hours on a single tank of gas when used with the Eco-Throttle feature. This easy starting generator produces only 59dB of sound at 7 meters running at full load, which is less than common speech. The Honda Inverter Technology makes this generator ideally suited for use with sensitive electronics (e.g., computer, printer, and other sensitive electronic equipment) because the generator produces a clean sine wave of energy that prevents surging. To prevent any possible damage to the unit, the Oil Alert will shut the unit off when the oil drops below a safe operating level. The unit also has a DC terminal for use when charging 12-volt automotive type batteries. The available power is commonly used for the following typical electric device:

  • Fans, TV, Radios
  • Small Power Tools i.e. 1/4" drill
  • Small Kitchen Appliances (i.e. Blender)

Two like EU series generators can be linked in parallel to increase available wattage through the generator outlets.


  • Honda Overhead Valve Engine
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • High Quality, Stable and High Power Output
  • Quiet Operation
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Parallel Operation Capability
  • Oil Alert®
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Simultaneous AC/DC use
  • Electronic Circuit Breakers
  • Inverter (Computer Friendly)
  • One Switch for Engine/Fuel Valve On/Off
  • USDA-Qualified Spark Arrestor/Muffler
  • Fully Enclosed for Quieter Operation
  • Eco ThrottleTM (load dependent operation)
  • 2 Year Residential Warranty
  • 1 Year Commercial Warranty
Engine 1.8 HP, Single Cylinder, Overhead Valve, Air Cooled
Displacement 50 cc
AC Output 120V
1000W max.(8.3A)
900W rated (7.5A)
Receptacles 15A 125V Duplex
NEMA Plug Number:
DC Output 12V, 96W (8A)
Starting System Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.6 gallons
Run Time on One Tankful 3.8 hrs. @ rated load
8.3 hrs. @ 1/4 load
Dimensions (L x W x H) 17.7" x 9.4" x 15.0"
Noise Level 59 dB @ rated load
53 dB @ 1/4 load
Dry Weight 29 lbs.

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