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110' Second Chance Rescue Throw Bag

110' Second Chance Rescue Throw Bag

SKU: MAR-B5L 110

Second Chance Rescue Throw Bag

50′ (boat based), 75′ (land based), 90′ PRO, and 110′ (land based use from heights)

  • Lengths: 50′, 75′, 90′, and 110′
  • Designed for full-distance first, and if  needed, second throw within 20 seconds.
  • 50′ to 90′ bags feature 1800 lbs BS, 9mm-3/8″ inch diameter polypropylene kernmantle line, 110′ bag line offers5/16″ diameter line of 1500 lbs. BS.
  • When thrown, Wiffle®  ball at carry handle improves throw distance and release.
  • Waterproof four function light has been included for night
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