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1723 Mid-Range Turbojet Nozzle with and without Pistol Grip

1723 Mid-Range Turbojet Nozzle with and without Pistol Grip

SKU: AKR-17234001



The Turbojet is a constant gallonage nozzle (flow remains the same in all patterns) with multiple flow settings for operator flow control. Use the Turbojet one time and see why it's the nozzle of choice by firefighters worldwide.

Choose from several “snap-on”grip and handle colors to help identify pre-connects and better manage inventory.


Mid-Range Turbojet Nozzles Features: 
- Pattern Identification
- Larger more legible labels
- Simple to operate (1/4 turn from straight stream to fog)
- Raised lug marks straight stream for limited visibility operations
- Easy to service & repair
- Meets European Standard
- Flow setting up to 100 psi (7 bar) standard, 75 psi (5 bar) optional
- Compatible with Quick-Attack Foam Tube Style 793
- Replacement for style 1722 Turbojet nozzle


  • Mining


Style 1723
Certification(s) Certification
Warranty Warranty
Weight 6 1/2 lbs (2.9 kg)
Type Selectable Gallonage
Material Pyrolite
Brand TurboJet
Swivel Inlet 1 1/2'' (38 mm)
Length 10 3/4'' (273 mm)
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