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3433 Apollo Hi-Riser Dual-Inlet Portable and Deck Monitor

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The Apollo Hi-Riser includes the outstanding features of the standard Apollo with the added benefit of rising over obstacles on top of the apparatus. Simply pull a pin to lift the nozzle 24'' above the deck.

Portable ground base monitor with two 2 1/2" or 3" clappered swivel inlets. Base shall have folding legs with no locking mechanism required to keep legs in place. The monitor shall have handwheel elevation control from 90° above to 45° below horizontal with an elevation safety stop 35° above horizontal; 360° continuous rotation in the deck mode flowing 1250 gpm and 180° in the portable mode flowing 800 gpm; horizontal locking mechanism and stops to prevent accidental over-rotation; a full 3" waterway with cast-in turning vanes in each elbow and a 3" direct mount flange. While in the deck mode, the unit must have the ability to pivot to a position 24" above the base of the flange. The monitor shall also include a pressure gauge, carry handle, grease fittings, safety chain, hardened steel ground spikes and Pyrolite construction. Deck mount not to exceed 15 1/4" in he stowed position. Liftoff weight: 31 lbs. base weight: 32 lbs.


-360° rotation when mounted in the deck mode, 180° in the portable mode 
- Vertical travel from 90° above to 45° below horizontal, with built-in 35° safety stop 
- 3" waterway with cast-in turning vanes for efficient flow 
- Direct mount - a combination 3" NPT female and 3" flange 
- Can be used in portable mode with standard Apollo ground bases


Weight 31 lbs (14.1 kg)
Type Portable
Material Pyrolite
Brand Apollo
Width 14.56in (369.8mm)
Height 15.25in (387.4mm)
Depth 18.63in (473.2mm)