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850' Ice Rescue Reel - Hollow Braid

850' Ice Rescue Reel - Hollow Braid


All MARSARS’ ice rescue reels come rescue-ready with buoyant pre-rigged 3/8″ diameter line, carabiner, and float. Line strength of all hollow-braided “B” series line reels is 3,500 lbs. Blue-colored (3-strand construction) line reels offer strengths of 3,700 lbs. All MARSARS’ reels float with or without rope and non-locking carabineers are provided for an assured escape from life-threatening situations.

The “B” series of Ice Rescue Reels feature:

  • Braided 3/8″ (9mm) knot-free Ice Rescue Rope
  • This non-rotational line is needed for the inhaul tethering of our IRSS Shuttle. All “B” series Ice Rescue feature 300′, 550′, or 850′ of 3/8″ (9mm) diameter, 3500 lb strength hollow-braid rope.
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