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Adjustable Foot Loop

Adjustable Foot Loop
Adjustable Foot Loop
Load image into Gallery viewer, Adjustable Foot Loop
Load image into Gallery viewer, Adjustable Foot Loop

SKU: CMC-201195

Redesigned based on feedback from CMC’s Rescue School, the Adjustable Foot Loop is designed to be used in conjunction with an ascender/rope grab for ascending purposes. Connect an ascender to the top loop adjacent to the adjuster buckle. The yellow tether can be connected to your harness by clipping into any single loop on the tether for adjustment. The new upper buckle makes adjusting the length easier and an extra layer of web holds the foot loop open. Light and compact, it fits easily in your gear bag.

About CMC Web Gear

CMC sewn web products reflect many years of manufacturing experience and designs based on field use, rescues, and testing. Lightweight yet durable, our tubular web delivers a high strength-to-weight ratio. Each product is sewn in our own California manufacturing facility with contrasting color thread for ease of inspection. We build CMC Web Gear as if we were going to use it ourselves – and we do.

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