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Arizona Vortex Kit

Arizona Vortex Kit
Arizona Vortex Kit
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SKU: CMC-727300

So named from its development in the rugged Red Rock highlands of northern Arizona, the Arizona Vortex (AZV) was created from years of trial and error. Having worked with crude but functional lashed timber frames at Sedona-based Ropes That Rescue, Reed Thorne developed the AZV with the help of Rock Thompson at Rock Exotica. The AZ Vortex represents the essence of at-the-edge frames, which no standard multi-pod can match today.

The father of all portable artificial high directionals (AHDs), the AZV is a tripod, bipod and monopod in one all-inclusive kit. Its precision machined two-piece head can be rigged as a standard tripod or, in advanced applications, as an A-frame, a sideways A-frame, a gin pole or a multitude of other configurations. The tripod can be formed into an easel A-frame with adjustable leg lengths. The versatile third leg allows rescuers to set up an artificial high directional in virtually any urban, industrial or wilderness location. On A-frame and easel A-frame applications, pulleys can be attached using quick-pins directly into the Head Set without using carabiners, eliminating valuable lost headspace and working clearance. This feature makes the AZV ideal for use with high lines and tracking line offsets. The extra attachment points also work well for rope access where several lines may be needed over the edge. Both the Raptor and Flat feet sets are both included to provide secure footing options on varying terrain.

Arizona Vortex Bag System: Designed for ultimate accessibility and quick access, our high-vis backpack-style bags are extremely rugged and able to be carried on the back into the wilderness or in an industrial environment. Made of durable Cordura® nylon, they feature extra protection in high-wear places for exceptional longevity. The Arizona Vortex Bag System can be purchased as a set, as an upgrade or as a replacement for a previously purchased AZV. Sold as a system.

(21) brightly colored pin flags can be attached to pins to increase visibility. Also included is 40 feet of 8 mm orange accessory cord for tethering the AZV and (3) AZV Hobble Straps for independently securing each of the legs.

The AZV comes complete with:

  • Head Set
  • Head Set Pulley Wheel
  • Head Pins (4)
  • Head Backpack
  • Inner Legs (3)
  • Outer Legs (7)
  • Leg Pins (11)
  • Leg Bags w/ Shoulder Straps (3)
  • Flat Feet (3)
  • Raptor Feet (3)
  • Feet Storage Sleeves (2)
  • Pin Bag
  • Pin Flags, Orange (21)
  • Hobble Straps, Adjustable (3)
  • 8 mm Tether Cord – 40 ft (12 m)
  • User’s Manual

Inside Height: 9 ft (2.7 m)
Max. height with additional legs: 12 ft (3.7 m)
Shipping weight (including all parts, bags and packaging): 95 lb (43 kg)

*Sedona Shoulder Harness sold separately.



Replacement Pin Set

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