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Blackout Smoke Machine, 110V

Blackout Smoke Machine, 110V

SKU: TEM-710-413


Shadow series Blackout built for extreme smoke output; eight times the smoke as the Dusk and twice as much as the Nightfall.

Ideal for;
  • Large Training Applications
  • Built-in Applications
  • Large Group Training
  • Warehouse / Large Frame Aircraft / High Rise
  • 1500 watt cast aluminum heat exchanger
  • Continuous blast fog output with rapid reheating cycle
  • Modular, common core component design simplifies repair and maintenance
  • Air-input connection for rapid cleaning using bottled air-reduces clogs
  • On-board timer controls with 250 second duration
  • Detachable remote with magnetic case and 10' (3m) cable (included)
  • Multi-link and daisy chain up to four (4) machines
  • Dual stage thermal monitoring
  • Consumption- 7.2 L/h (120ml/m)
  • Capacity- 4 and 5 Liters
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