TNT Rescue

TNT Rescue S-200 Series Heavy Duty Spreaders

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  • Mineral Base Hydraulic Oil 10,500 PSI (724 BAR)
  • Combination grabber jaw and automotive spreader tips made of heat treated tool steel which enables better tool grip and relocation of metal
  • True variable speed control (TVSC), deadman control increases manageability in critical situations
  • D-shape wrap around handle ensures easy operation in all positions for left or right handed operations
  • Well balanced for easy positioning
  • Dual pilot check valves for reliable & superior load holding
  • Extended working surface-serrations extend into arms
  • Wear resistant anodized surface protects tool from corrosion
  • Available couplers: Standard, Flat Face, and Coax
S-200-24 S-200-28 S-200-32
MAX. WORKING PRESSURE 10,500 PSI 10,500 PSI 10,500 PSI
MAX. SPREAD DISTANCE 24.00 IN 28.00 IN 32.00 IN
MAX. SPREAD FORCE 101,872 lbs 88,682 LBS 80,093 LBS
MAX. PULL FORCE 46,305 lbs 40,308 LBS 36,404 LBS
LENGTH 30.50 IN 32.70 IN 35.20 IN
WIDTH 13.50 IN 13.50 IN 13.50 IN
HEIGHT 6.50 IN 6.50 IN 6.50 IN
WEIGHT 47.0 LBS 49.6 LBS 51.2 LBS