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Class III Conversion for 543NYC Harness 5'5" ‐ 6'5"

Class III Conversion for 543NYC Harness 5'5" ‐ 6'5"


Convertible NFPA Class II / III Harness

Features & Benefits:

This Gemtor harness offers a combination of all of the great features found on our Class II harnesses shown below, including a fixed front waist strap, front adjustments on the leg straps and easy-to-connect hardware. The A-frame includes a sliding D-ring to attach a personal escape system and a triple action aluminum carabiner. The harness is constructed with sturdy 1¾" wide nylon webbing that is stitched with high strength nylon thread.

 One unique feature is the "Hybrid" style leg strap configuration which combines the benefits of our Class II harnesses with the wrap-around leg strap from a rescue harness. The harness also has attachment points at the sternum, two  (2) on the A-frame (also called the handle) and a rear dorsal attachment point. All attachment points have been tested and are rated to NFPA, OSHA and ANSI standards. 

The Gemtor 543NYC is a one-of-a-kind multi-functional harness that allows a user to convert from a Class II fire service harness to a Class III harness in seconds. It provides the user with excellent mobility and functionality in situations such as attaching to a ladder or apparatus bucket, a means of lowering one’s self, a means of lowering others, use with an escape system, as a rescuer, to rescue a wearer, and more.

Class II (base) harness and Class III Conversion are sold separately, see Model #s below.

Available models (543NYCL-2/543CL-M shown):

Class II (seat )Harness

Model #

Opening Side

Size Fits Waist
Left Right
543NYCL-0   Small 30” - 44”
543NYCL-2   Regular 36" - 50"
543NYCL-4   XL 44" - 56"
543NYCR-0   Small 30” - 44”
543NYCR-2   Regular 36" - 50"
543NYCR-4   XL 44" - 56"


Class III Conversion

Model # Size Fits Height
543CL3-S Short 5'0" - 5'5"
543CL3-M Medium 5'3" - 6'0"
543CL3-T Tall 5'5" - 6'5"
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