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Cordura Ladder Boot

Cordura Ladder Boot

SKU: R&B-651YL


Protect your firefighters (Skull Saver) with this Cordura® Nylon Ladder Boot padded with high density foam. Provides protection from the protruding base of ladders while mounted on the fire truck. Improved attachment strap is made of 2" webbing and 2" VELCRO® Brand on both sides, which provides a double shear locking flap. Reflective strip with "STAY BACK" sewn on, retaining strap. Color: Yellow.

The following sizes are the inside measurements.  

Medium: 8" deep x 4" wide x 22" high. Wt. 28 oz.

Large: 8" deep x 9" wide x 24" high. Wt. 32 oz.

X-Large: 8" deep x 11" wide x 26" high. Wt. 40 oz.

Proudly made in Ohio since 1971 with materials made in the USA. 

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