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DC SceneStar LED Light Head (19000 Lumen) Head Only

DC SceneStar LED Light Head (19000 Lumen) Head Only


The new LED High Power Scene Light has been engineered to provide industry leading levels of light output with consistency and reliability. SceneStar LED scene lights will continue to provide overall illumination even at elevated operating temperatures through optimized thermal management. Solid-state electronics ensure a lifetime of peak performance. Contact a distributor to get more information about our LED scene lights.


SceneStar fire scene lighting features:

- 19,000 Lumens 
- Power: 220 Watts 
- Voltage: 10-32 VDC Voltage 
- Current: 18 amps (at 12 VDC), 9 amps (at 24 VDC) 
- Lighthead Dimensions: 14" W x 4.25" H x 5.6" D (356 x 108 x 142 mm) 
- Streamlined aesthetics in a compact design 
- Color is white
- Industry leading 6 year warranty 
- Serviceable construction (Sustainable LED technology) 
- Low ultraviolet light - attracts less insects during nighttime operation 
- CE and UL ratings pending

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