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Disaster Response Litter

Disaster Response Litter

SKU: CMC-726300


A medium-duty, economical litter designed for durability and versatility, featuring unique tubular runner rails that span the full length of the litter along the bottom. These provide a very strong, durable base, making it far more difficult to damage during regular use compared to other baskets that simply use a flat bar. A very cost-effective alternative to the more heavy-duty stainless steel models, this powder-coated steel litter with Durathene™ netting meets the needs of many users who only use litters occasionally, or who are on very limited budgets for rescue equipment. Our Disaster Response Litter comes in black with four litter straps. The narrower, confined space model fits through tight openings.

Shipping Charges on Litters and Litter Wheels: To save freight expense to our customers, most litters and litter wheels are drop shipped directly from the factory. There is a flat rate shipping fee of $125 USD per item being shipped within the lower 48 states. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Tapered 726300 28 LB. (12.7KG) 83-1/2 X 24-1/4 X 7-1/4 IN (212 X 62 X 18.5 CM) TAPERED BLACK 4 KN (900 LBF)
Rectangular 726301 28 LB (12.7 KG) 83-1/2 X 24-1/4 X 7-1/4 IN (212 X 62 X 18.5 CM) RECTANGULAR BLACK 4 KN (900 LBF)
Confined Space 726305 26 LB. (12KG) 83-1/2 X 18-1/4 X 7-1/4 IN (212 X 46 X 18.5 CM) CONFINED SPACE BLACK 4 KN (900 LBF)
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