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Dry Suit Rapid Repair Kits

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The Sentinel Series Dry Suits take advantage of Mustang's Rapid Repair Technology™ which enables users to self-replace neck and wrist seals in an hour or less, and repair minor leaks in the dry suit shell. WARNING: The protection provided by your dry suit relies very much on its watertight characteristics. It is extremely important that damaged suits are handled in accordance with repair requirements. A Mustang Survival repair facility should perform all major repairs.

RE0001 - Complete Replacement Seal Tool Kit (Neck, Wrist, Sock, Iron) - Universal Size
RE0002 - Replacement Neck Seal Tool Kit - Universal Size
RE0003 - Replacement Wrist Seal Tool Kit- Universal Size
RE0004 - Neck and Wrist Seal Hand Iron- Universal Size
RE0005 - Replacement Rubber Neck Seal - Thin - Sizes S-L
RE0006 - Replacement Rubber Neck Seal - Thick- Sizes S-L
RE0007 - Replacement Neoprene Neck Seal- Sizes XS-L
RE0008 - Replacement Rubber Wrist Seal- Sizes S-M
RE0009 - Replacement Neoprene Wrist Seal- Sizes S-L
RE0010 - Rapid Repair Dry Suit Patch Kit- Universal Size
RE0010v02 - Rapid Repair Dry Suit Patch Kit - Universal Size

RE0012 - Rapid Repair Adjustable Neck Seal