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ELSA Emergency Escape Breathing Device

ELSA Emergency Escape Breathing Device

SKU: SCT-2009164


Drained Cylinder

The ELSA EEBD is an emergency escape-breathing device providing 5, or 10 minutes of escape from toxic environments, even in atmospheres immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH). The ELSA EEBD is lightweight and is designed for comfort as well as simplicity of use. It delivers a constant flow air supply at 40 lpm nominal flow and has an elastomeric neck seal for ease of donning and can be worn by those who wear glasses or have beards.

Product Features:

  • Pressure gauge on cylinder valve verifies cylinder pressure at a glance

  • Clear polyurethane hood provides 360° visibility

  • Easily detachable hood for cleaning and replacement

  • Safety orange PVC coated polyester bag is easy to maintain and resists aging

  • Can be worn on shoulder or neck

  • Donning instructions printed on pouch

  • Available in 5-, or 10 minutes variants

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