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EMS Vest (Shell Only)

EMS Vest (Shell Only)



Survival Armor's Fire/EMS lineup is designed to address the rapidly evolving needs of today's first responders.

Some studies show that between 57-93% of EMS providers will experience work-related personal physical violence at least once in their careers. With 25 of all EMS injuries resulting from violence and with violence being the cause of at least 8% of all EMS work-related deaths, it's easy to see that our first responders deserve the best protection they can get. If you are an EMT, Paramedic or Firefighter, Survival Armor has purpose-built solutions to protect you from both gunfire and blunt force trauma.
Whether your agency is looking for individual armor for full-time wear or vehicle-based team armor for mass casualty response, Survival Armor has a solution. Appearance and ease of identification are significant factors in reducing incidents of violence against our first responders, and as such, Survival Armor offers multiple color options for our EMS products outside of the basic black that clearly identify you as non-law enforcement first responders. With multiple NFPA 1500/3000 NIJ approved ballistic packages to fit any requirement, budget, or even special threats, we can custom tailor a ballistic solution to meet your unique needs.


  • Standard Raid  Vest features with 3 sewn-on pockets as pictured (left to right: large utility, flashlight, and radio
  • Custom sized to an individual officer’s concealable Survival Armor vest panels.
  • 10″ x 12″, 8″ x 10″, and 7″ x 9″ Internal plate pockets
  • Ergonomic shoulder design
  • Front and shoulder mic tabs
  • Front and back loop for ID Panels
  • Badge tab and name loop standard on front of the carrier
  • Wire management tunnels for radio microphone and earpieces
  • Concealed pocket for cell phone and field interview cards
  • Concealed front AR-15 magazine pouch (holds 2)
  • Hidden front pocket with zipper closure and loop lining to carry extra gear or back-up pistol
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