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40mm Series Cartridges & Canisters

40mm Series Cartridges & Canisters

SKU: SCT-805557-01


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3M Scott offers multiple 40 mm cartridges and canisters for wide range of protection and applications:

NIOSH – APR applications: utilize HE/P100 Cartridge, MPC PLUS, or Enforcement Cartridges

NIOSH – PAPR applications: utilize HE/P100 Cartridge, MPC PLUS, MPC 40PF, and Enforcement Cartridges

NIOSH CBRN – APR and PAPR applications: utilize the CBRN Cap-1 Canister

  • Protection for industrial and CBRN response
  • 40 mm thread enables air-purifying and powered air purifying use
  • 5-10 year shelf life, depending on cartridge
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