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Designed specifically for firemen to decontaminate immediately after a fire to reduce their risk of cancer and disease. These wipes pack perfectly in a pocket, bag, or glove compartment.

These are also perfect for outdoors & camping, sports, fitness, medical, hunting & fishing, biking, trucking, construction, emergency preparedness, game & more.

  • Pre-Moistened.
  • Cleans, cools, and refreshes.
  • Strong and durable fabric made to withstand rough use, and can be used as an improvised sling or bandage in emergency situations
  • Easily wipes away contaminants that may contain carcinogens.
  • Two convenient sizes large enough to clean your whole body, head to toe.
  • Alcohol free. Fragrance-free.

 (12 Wipes / Pack) 48 packs in case