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EPIC 3 Lapel Speaker Microphone

EPIC 3 Lapel Speaker Microphone

SKU: SCT-201224-02


3M Scott Fire & Safety's EPIC 3 Lapel Speaker Mic (LSM) is designed for use with approved portable two-way radio (supplied by the user). Training is required before use. These assemblies are not intended for use under water or for any purpose not specifically authorized by the organized program that applies to the specific user. The system consists of an LSM fitted with a cord/connector specific to a particular brand and model of portable two-way radio, and these instructions.

When connected to a portable two-way portable radio, pressing the large push-to-talk button on the LSM will activate the push-to-talk function of the two-way portable radio. The user may then speak into the LSM to transmit over the portable two-way radio.

Certain LMS models are equipped with a RED Emergency Button to operate the corresponding emergency alert feature on compatible portable radios. Refer to the user manual for your portable two-way radio for details of use. If the RED Emergency Button is not installed on your unit, that feature is not available.

When the LMS assembly is connected to a portable two-way radio, the use of the assembly/radio combination in flammable atmospheres is limited to the most restrictive hazardous location listing applicable to the two devices. If the LSM assembly is connected to a non-intrinsically safe radio, the combination may not be used in flammable or explosive atmospheres.

The LSM assembly is available in a variety of cord/connector configurations to fit popular brands and models of portable two-way radios. Each configuration has a unique part number representing the radio specific connector used to attach it to the portable two-way radio for which it was designed. Do not attempt to attach an LSM assembly to a portable two-way radio for which it was not designed.

Optional Push-To-Talk Paddle and Push-To-Talk Ring accessories can be actuated when worn under an encapsulating protective garment. Also available are a command comms headset with microphone and a throat mic KIT that includes a throat mic, ear buds and push-to-talk ring. If these accessories are being used with a two-way portable radio in a fire fighting application, the two-way portable radio, all cables, and the accessory must be contained within the fire fighter’s turnout gear for protection from heat and flame. 

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