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Extended Super Adjustamount Kit

Extended Super Adjustamount Kit
Extended Super Adjustamount Kit
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Extended Super Adjustamount Kit

SKU: PAC-K5060-B

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The SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT KIT family of products satisfy a wide range tool mounting requirements and provide the most versatile and flexible solution for most equipment mounts. SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT modules are larger than standard ADJUSTAMOUNT modules. SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT KITS include a section of aluminum Unistrut channel. SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT KITS with options to mount to PAC TRAC aluminum tool board are also available. All SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT KIT products are available with yellow lock straps (Y). The SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT KIT consists of individual modules and a locking strap which can positioned to accommodate tool mounts and equipment mounts for a wide variety of tools and equipment.


SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNTS KITS are commonly combined with other PAC friction locking brackets and positive locking brackets to provide complete tool mounting & equipment mounting solutions. Features include:

  • Components are molded from high quality materials.
  • Adjustable lock strap capable to 5400 PSI tensile strength.
  • 15″ or 30″ usable strap length
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically

EXTENDED SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNTS KITS for larger objects include a longer 30″ lock strap.

  • This product is the same as P/N K5060 but is intended to mount to the narrow channels in PAC TRAC extrusions P/N 7000, 7020, 7040, 7050 with TracLok Inserts.
  • Mounting kit hardware with TracLok inserts included.
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