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EZ-Scape I Integrated Self-Rescue Belt

EZ-Scape I Integrated Self-Rescue Belt

SKU: SCT-200861-101


In the event of a ceiling collapse or a flashover, the nearest window can quickly become your only escape. But when it’s three or more stories off the ground, it’s dangerous or even impossible to get out. That’s why 3M Scott is offering a full line of self-rescue devices for times when a firefighter’s life depends on his equipment. The 3M Scott EZ-Scape line of integrated self-rescue belts gives firefighters a secure, reliable means of escape from the dangers of a high-rise building.

  • Provides a reliable means of escape from high-rise buildings
  • Compliant with NFPA 1981, 2013 Edition (when worn with an Air-Pak SCBA) and NFPA 1983, 2012 Edition
  • Rated for at least 4,000 lb static load
  • Safety line available in 50' length
  • Descent controlled with hands-on brake (allows hands-off suspension)

Description: EZ-Scape 1, One Size Fits All, 50' Kevlar Webbing, Crosby Hook, AL Descent Device

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