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Fastloops Litter Straps

Fastloops Litter Straps
Fastloops Litter Straps
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SKU: CMC-724159


Patients need to be packaged into litters safely and securely without delay. FastLoops™ Litter Straps were devised to be pre-rigged into the litter and left in place for rapid patient packaging. Designed to use a single length of tie-in web laced through the attached O-rings allows for easy tensioning without the friction and wear of web-on-web contact.

FastLoops are factory-sewn with a half-twist in the web to attach to the litter using a Girth Hitch. They can remain in place on the litter while storing, yet remove easily for inspection and cleaning. Requires use of a 20-foot length of 1-inch tubular web (not included) for tie-in, but may vary depending on patient size. Made from 100% nylon tubular webbing sewn to 2-inch plated steel O-rings. Color-coded in red and blue to aid in lacing. Sold as a set of 8.

Storage Tip: Storing the tie-in web by keeping it reeved through the FastLoops keeps the litter organized and ready to use, and provides a visual aid to proper rigging.

12.8 OZ (363 G) PER SET OF 8 1 IN X 11 IN 1,500 LBF (6.67 KN) RED/BLUE
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