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Fire Engine Booster Hose Red (800 PSI Working Pressure)

Fire Engine Booster Hose Red (800 PSI Working Pressure)





Ultra-Rugged Booster Hose With Do-It-All Versatility

Reeled and ready for duty, Fire Engine Booster is the rugged, reliable hose choice for knocking down fires with confidence: The multiple aramid braid reinforced red reel hose features a specially compounded Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) tough cover that resists abrasion and weathering. Inside, a smooth black synthetic EPDM rubber inner tube adds flexibility and sure, high-power flow. Available with Barway or external crimped steel couplings.

  • High-Performance. Nitrile rubber fire hose reinforced with high tensile aramid yarn, and smooth inner lining for exceptional strength, durability and flow.
  • Ultra-Tough. Special EPDM rubber compound provides a durable, flexible cover that resists abrasion, gouging, ultra-violet, ozone and most chemicals.
  • Flexible. Smooth outer cover lowers drag resistance.
  • Versatile. A multi-purpose frontline attack hose expertly handles structure and vehicle firefighting; grass, wildland and forestry fires; and industrial applications.
  • Service-Ready: Fully loaded, ready on reel.
  • Reliable. 4:1 safety factor (1" and ¾" only – 1.5" has a 3:1 safety factor).
  • Certified. Assembled in accordance with NFPA 1961 Standard, latest edition, within our ISO-9001 certified quality assurance system.
  • Five year warranty.

Hose Sizing and Specifications

Size Working Pressure Burst Weight
(For 50' uncoupled)
(For 100' uncoupled)
Bowl Size
.75 in 800 (5155) 3200 (22060) 21 (9.5) 42 (19) 1.25 in
1 in 800 (5155) 3200 (22060) 30 (13.6) 60 (27.2) 1.5 in
Note: 1.5" has a 3:1 Safety Factor.
Minimum Bend Radius ¾" = 7" and 1" = 8".

Hose Colors

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