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First Responder Respirator

First Responder Respirator

SKU: SCT-201339-01


3M Scott’s First Responder Respirator (FRR), a variant of the revolutionary 3M Scott GSR military respirator used by the UK MoD, is a “next generation” system now approved as a NIOSH CBRN APR in addition to other global civil use standards.

While designed to accept Stanag 4155 DIN 40mm threaded filter cartridges the FRR can also be supplied with a secondary particle filter for unequaled performance against CBRN threats. By a combination of a highly advanced suite of technologies, the FRR provides superior user comfort and greatly reduced physiological burden, even during long-duration events, through self-regulating twin primary seals, low breathing resistance, optimum visibility, high drinking rate, and automatic sweat removal. Sizing options assure virtually 100% fit capability. Numerous communication, hydration, and visor outsert options are available and integration with protective suits, sighting systems, night vision goggles, and other associated equipment is seamless.

  • ​Best-in-class protection factors — including a unique secondary filter — for significantly higher protection than the industrial standard
  • Automatic sweat removal for greater user comfort
  • Comfortable fit, exceptional visibility and high drinking rate
  • Compatible with all military, law enforcement, and industrial DIN 40mm threaded filters
  • Mounting capability on either side of the mask for maximum operational flexibility
  • Low breathing resistances that are significantly lower than the industrial standard
  • Manufactured from chemical-hard materials with proven protection and comfort characteristics for 48-hour wear
  • Flexible, hard-coated lens featuring minimal haze and light transmission providing a wide field of view and impact protection in excess of EN166 and MIL-PRF 31013, Class 1 requirements
  • Vision correction capability that includes the use of progressive (vari-focal) lenses
  • Re-breathed CO2 levels significantly below 1%c
  • Multiple sizing combinations between the mask and separate oronasal module for a 100% user fit
  • Ancillary equipment, such as visor outserts and carriers, are available
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