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FXM Custom Turnout Gear Set

FXM Custom Turnout Gear Set


Product Features

FXM features a modern tapered hem coat that is longer in the back and shorter in front giving you maximum coverage where you need it, and just as importantly, less where you don’t. In addition, FXM incorporates the DexFlex™ knees and elbows that are pre-bent for more flexibility and freedom of movement and a seamless crotch gusset for less restriction and more durability.

Certified to NFPA 1971

Fire-Dex Construction

Quality construction is the key to superior garments! From pattern design to manufacturing and sewing methods, from seam construction to testing and inspections, Fire-Dex goes the extra mile to ensure you have the highest quality garment possible.

Our quality construction includes designing garments that fit correctly, and that interface correctly with other equipment. Poorly fitting turnouts can restrict movement and can have gaps in protection.

Fire-Dex offers multiple Pattern Options to cover every body shape to ensure full protection without sacrificing mobility or comfort.  All Custom Turnouts come in custom coat lengths, inseams, and sleeve lengths to ensure the best fit.

All features shown below come standard on FXM.

Fire Dex FXM standard features

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