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GT 40 Series Portable Detector

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Measures up to 4 gases 
• 7 modes of operation 
• Gas leak detection 
• Confined space monitoring 
• Surveying and purging

Designed for the gas industry,the GT Series are multi-application instruments, satisfying all the needs of service technicians within a single unit. With 7 modes of operation, the GT Series is the most versatile instrument available for working with gas. 

The GT 40 series offers technicians and workers a single instrument that can be used throughout the gas distribution and transmission pipelines for all measurements needed for leak testing, and confined space entry. Bright LED alarm lights illuminate as gas levels increase, and audible alarms are activated at preset levels should they be programmed. Completely programmable, the GT is an industry standard throughout the Americas and Europe and allows companies to utilize only one instrument for all their monitoring needs. The GT series is available with an optional docking station for full calibration and testing capabilities, and printed cal certificates if needed.

*Instrument Only option includes: User Handbook, Quick OP Instructions, Calibration Certificate and Configuration Report.

**Carrying Case & Accessories option include: Carrying Case with Solid End Probe, Tygon Tubing, Hydrophobic Filter (Pack / 2), Wrist Strap, Handbook,
Quick Operating Guide, Calibration Certificate and Configuration Report.


IECEx Ex iad IIB T3
UL 913 Class I, Div 1 Groups C, D