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HD-75 Mid-Mount Platform

HD-75 Mid-Mount Platform

SKU: HD75MMAerialPlatform

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 Mid Mount Platform Spec Sheet

 Ferrara’s compact HD-75 Mid-Mount Platform is perfect for congested areas that require a platform apparatus, but need a short, maneuverable vehicle. In addition to its compact design, the HD-75 features in impressive 1000 pound tip load while flowing water, safety features such as cab/body collision interlock, real-time load display in the platform and turntable, and Ferrara’s legendary heavy duty construction.



Chassis:  Inferno up to 600 hp 
Ultra up to 500 hp
Body:  Extruded Aluminum – quint or truck (no pump/tank)
Compartments:  Quint: Left side full height; Right side full height w/EZ-Stack hose bed 
Truck: Left and right side full height, 25-26” deep lower/transverse over torque box
Ladder Storage:  Over 150’ ground ladders enclosed in full length torque box
Pump:  Up to 2250 gpm midship or 5000 gpm rear mount industrial
Tank Size:  Up to 300 gallon tank
Ladder and Reach:  4-section heavy duty rear mount aerial with -12⁰ to +72⁰ operational envelope  
-12⁰ operation off left and right sides of truck 
75’ vertical reach at 72⁰ and 71’ 6” horizontal reach at 0⁰ 
45’ vertical & 61’ horizontal reach at 30⁰
Platform:  18 square feet interior working area 
Dual, inward opening gates
Rated Load Capacity:  1000 pounds dry / 500 pounds flowing 1500 gpm OR 1000# flowing 1000 gpm 
Up to 4250 pounds distributed + rated load in the platform while flowing capacity 
No restrictions on aerial or monitor movement or placement while flowing capacity
Warranty:  10 year cab and body structural
25 year aerial structural
10 year waterway and waterway seals
15 year torque box & stabilizer
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