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Heavy Rescue Pumper

Heavy Rescue Pumper

SKU: HeavyRescuePumper

 Custom Pumper Brochure

A custom heavy rescue pumper is called upon to do a lot of different jobs.  Every fire department has a different idea of how their truck should be designed.  In addition to suppression and routine rescue calls, you also want to be prepared for hazmat, swift water rescue, high angle rescue and a host of other responses. 

When the demands of your job require something more, check out Ferrara’s heavy rescue pumper.  With up to 500 cubic feet of compartment space, you can carry all the equipment needed for whatever response situation you encounter.

You choose from a conventional midship pump, Class A injection system or CAFS; hidden or traditional pump panels and a wide variety of preconnect and discharge plumbing options.  When you choose Ferrara, you get a true custom builder.

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