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Heavy Vehicle Rescue Rigging Kit

Heavy Vehicle Rescue Rigging Kit


BA Products

The B/A Products ᅠHeavy Vehicle Rescue Kit contains the rigging and accessories to perform the most common stabilization and rigging evolutions encountered by the Fire/Rescue service while operating at motor vehicle collisions.ᅠ  All of the chain, straps and clusters are tagged to include the correct Working Load Limits (WLL) for the specific material.ᅠ  Each assembly has been built with input from top industry trainers and professionals to insure you have the correct rigging components for your rescue needs.

B/A Products have been an industry leader for over 35 years and manufacture all their products in the USA.ᅠ


Heavy Vehicle Rigging Rescue Kit  Qty.
1/2"- 3/8" Ratcheting Chain Binder: 12,000 lb. WLL 2
6" X 26' 2 Ply Recovery Strap 2
3" Bolt Style Web Shackle 4
3/8" X 10' Grade 100 Chain: Cradle Grab on Each End 4
Heavy Duty Shackle Kit: 7 Piece 1
3/8" Grade 100 Master Set with 2 Shortening Hooks 1
1/2" Grade 100 Foundry Hook & Cradle Grab Hook on Oblong 2
16' Blue Round Sling 2
10' Red Round Sling 2
6' Green Round Sling 2
3" X 30' Extrication Strap: 8" J Hook and Mini J Hook on Each End 4
2 Ton Cable Hoist 1
3/8" Grade 100 Shortening Chain: Cradle Grab Hooks on Each End 4
Green Round Sling Hook 2
Red Round Sling Hook 2
6" x 24" Slide on Protective Sleeve 4
3/8" X 6' Grade 100 Chain:Cradle Grab Hook on One End 4
4" 4 Ton Snatch Block with Chain End 2
3/8" X 20' Grade 100 Rescue Chain Sling: Self Locking Hook on One End;Oblong with Grab Hook on Other End 2


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