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Hose Washer

Hose Washer


• Heavy gauge stainless steel construction.
• Easy one person operation - no pedals to hold down.
• Automatically feeding drive motor powers the washer brushes and exit squeegees.
• Water boost pump pressurizes standard garden hose to 300 psi for powerful cleaning.
• Two adjustable high pressure soap injectors.
• Two 10" nylon scrub brushes provide a deep and thorough scrubbing.
• Ten high pressure rinse injectors.
• Two 12" polymer disks with nylon rollers move the hose through smoothly.
• Faster cleaning time - speed of 25 ft/min; wash and rinse in one process.
• Compact design - only 46" L x 24" W x 40" H.
• Mobile heavy-duty 4" casters.
• Cleans hoses up to 4" in diameter.
• Shut off water valve at machine.
• Power - 220V-20amp (110V-30amp option available).
• Water drain - 6' flexible drain line from bottom of cabinet.
• Removable rear panel for easy access to components for service or maintenance.
• Made in USA

46" L x 24" W x 40" H

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