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IRS Rescue Sled with 900' Reel & Sling

IRS Rescue Sled with 900' Reel & Sling


MARSARS Ice Rescue Extrication Sled®

How it works

This tough little sled comes to you pre-rigged, ready for instant use. The responding rescuer equipped sled is either dragged behind or traversed atop, obviously, the sled is designed to get you on-scene quickly. In fact, propelled over smooth early winter ice, this lightweight hand-powered (by ice awls) sled has been clocked to a speed of 14 miles per hour. Upon arrival on the scene, the sled is stopped and dismounted one sled length away from the victim. Becoming a reaching device, the empty sled is extended for the victim’s self-rescue attempt. If the cold water immersed victim is found to be drained of strength, the rescuer must move closer and insert the sled between himself and the weakened victim. The victim is then outfitted with a buoyant MARSARS Cold Water Rescue Sling that is fastened to the sled’s large topside metal ring. The rescuer pushes one end of the sled underwater and easily loads the patient on the partially submerged device. Returning sled shields torsos of both patient and rescuer.


  • Affordably priced
  • Replaceable runners
  • Tunnel shaped hull reduces drag
  • Approximate buoyancy 180 pounds (81.64 kg)
  • 72” length x 24” width x 7” height. Weighs only 25 lbs.
  • Sled’s sides and ends have been rounded to prevent injury
  • Compact size is easily stored in most vehicle compartments
  • Constructed of foam filled high-density polyethylene plastic
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