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IRSS Rescue Sled with Reel & Sling

IRSS Rescue Sled with Reel & Sling


Reel Size

Used Nationwide by the U.S. Coast Guard, this purpose built sled, extended from a safer distance to a victim that can assist in own rescue. Used properly, a rescuer stops a sled length away, dismounts, and extends the empty sled for the victim's self rescue attempt. With forearm through orange-colored sling, patient is gently hauled aboard by shore-based line tender(s). If semi/unconscious, patient is placed in buoyant sling, connected to sled's 4:1 ratio haul system and gently pulled aboard. Sled provides shielding to both patient and rescuer.

  • 6'4 (76") length x 27" width x 7" height
  • Approximate Weight: 35 lbs.
  • Approximate Buoyancy: 240 lbs.
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