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Fire departments across the country visit local elementary schools to teach fire prevention to children and it sparks something inside of them that makes them curious and excited about firefighting. Unfortunately, research has shown the potential dangers of exposure to contaminated first responder personal protective equipment, and the interior of a fire truck. Fire-Dex wanted to make sure children receive the education and training they need but also protect them from any potential exposure to harmful contaminants.  

Fire-Dex's Solution: Kid-Sized Turnout Gear 

In addition to keeping our firefighters safe, we also want to keep our kids safe. As a part of Fire-Dex's We Care initiative, they now manufacture kid-sized turnout gear for departments to use specifically during fire prevention training at elementary schools. The goal is to embrace the heroic nature of firefighting and allow children an opportunity to learn what it really feels like to be in a fireman's shoes!

How Departments are Using It

Fire-Dex's first set was made for Washington Township Fire Department in New Jersey, and it has been a big hit! Firefighter Adam Seczech of Washington Township Fire Department explained the positive reactions the gear brought:
“It was a huge success with the kids in all of our schools. They got a kick out of wearing firefighter gear that actually fit them. It was also nice knowing they were not exposed to any harmful contaminants. Thanks Fire-Dex!”
In addition to fire prevention training, Washington Township Fire Department uses it during open houses and takes it to various community event days throughout the year, allowing them to better interact with the communities they protect. When the gear is not being used, they store it in a box in the office to prevent contamination and UV damage, ensuring our children stay safe. 


One size fits most. There are no changes or substitutions to the spec. The coat is 32/26/30 and the pant is 26/25. 

There is no moisture barrier, so this garment is non-NFPA certified or compliant.

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